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A better way to recycle drink containers in Victoria

On 1 November 2023 Victoria’s container deposit scheme, CDS Vic, commenced. The scheme rewards Victorians with a 10-cent refund for every eligible can, carton and bottle they return.

A wonderful initiative but, unfortunately, there are no CDS Refund Points near Buxton.

Drink container recycling in Buxton

Container recycling has been organised to:

Donation Fund

Managed by Buxton Progress Association in consultation with local community groups and businesses.

Buxton 3711 Community

The funds are used to benefit the Buxton Community with a view of assisting local community groups such as the Buxton Memorial Hall, Buxton Open Spaces Committee, Buxton Fire Brigade and Buxton Primary School.

Local container collection facility

This is the successor to the long-running Can Crushing program run by Buxton Fire Brigade outside the fire station. Suitable containers can be dropped off at Buxton Fire Station for donation; this is not a CDS Refund Point.

Buxton Fire Brigade periodically transport the containers to the nearest CDS Refund Point, Nanny Jans Emporium Eildon, where Jason generously sorts, processes and deposits refunds in the Buxton 3711 Community account.

See Container Collection for more details.

Donate refunds at a CDS Refund Point

At any of the CDS Refund Points, after depositing your containers you can choose how to receive your refund, and one of those choices is to donate to Buxton 3711 Community.

Victoria has been divided into three zones, CDS North (Visy), CDS East (Return-It) and CDS West (TOMRA). Each of the zones has a smartphone app, and you can set Buxton 3711 Community as your default deposit account. The procedures of each zone are, however, slightly different: their own quirks.

See CDS Donate Refund for more details.