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Buxton History Book

Buxton, Victoria, Australia

This is Buxton as seen through the eyes of its people. It is not a solemn list of people, places and times like a ‘traditional’ history. Instead, it is a trove of stories of what people saw, felt and understood. How they worked and how they lived. Each person is a small part of the picture, but put together, their stories provide a fascinating view of a very vibrant, productive and interesting place: the small town of Buxton, Victoria.
Buxton: its past, present, people and places

Thank you so much to the generous Donors, and to those who pre-paid, for helping make this Book happen. The Book Launch in mid-2023 was a great success, it continues to sell well, and Book inventory is now running low.

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Buxton: its past, present, people and places is a unique compilation of photographs and personal recollections, written and provided by the people of Buxton themselves. Their stories provide accurate insights into their lives, past and present.

Buxton – a small Victorian town 100 kilometres north-east of Melbourne in the Murrindindi Shire – is flanked by the Cathedral Range to the east and the Black Range to the west. With a rich history of agriculture and timber, Buxton has grown from a population of 100 in 1882 to 591 (2021 Census) resulting in its development as a desirable place for visitors and permanent residents. It has retained a unique ability to bridge traditional and modern ways of living whilst still retaining its identity and lifestyle qualities.

As a former resident and mayor over a 20-year period, it is a place dear to my heart. This book of memories, so generously shared with you, illustrates why we have all loved living here. ”

Margaret Rae