Buxton Progress Association

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Buxton Open Spaces

The Buxton Open Spaces Committee is Buxton community's advisory body to Murrindindi Shire Council (under an MoU) on open spaces in and around Buxton township.

The Buxton Open Spaces reserves include:

  1. Buxton Recreation Reserve;
  2. Meeting of the Waters Reserve;
  3. Waters Estate reserve (as yet not formally named); and
  4. other Council-managed areas by agreement.

The new Committee was created and community members nominated at the Public Meeting held February 24 at Buxton Memorial Hall.

More committee members, especially part-time residents and those near existing or prospective Open Spaces reserves, are always being sought. Please contact for more information or to express interest.

Buxton Recreation Reserve (@crystalline4u 2023)
Meeting of the Waters (Ian Harrison 2018)

The new Buxton Open Spaces Committee (BOSC)

Meet your Committee members:

The new Committee has met several times and is presently 'finding its feet'. They expect to make their presence felt in the near future – watch this space and the Triangle News.