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Buxton Wx 19/04/24 07:00 ⧉ 9.9°C 1.8mm River 31.6cm

Container Collection in Buxton

There are no CDS Refund Points near Buxton to deposit containers and receive/donate refund payments. Buxton Fire Brigade has extended its long-running Can Crushing program to collect containers, deliver them to the CDS Refund Point in Eildon, and donate the refunds to Buxton 3711 Community.

You can either:

We are also grateful to

who are saving containers on premises for dispatching to Eildon.

Drop off at Buxton Fire Station

Please continue to drop your aluminium cans at the rear of the fire station. Large quantities may be bagged and left neatly next to metal frame; do not create an eyesore or hazard, and make it easy for the brigade volunteers to handle.
CANS DO NOT NEED TO BE CRUSHED. If you do, crush carefully – the barcode must be scannable to get a refund.
Buxton Fire Brigade regularly transfers containers to the Refund Point at Eildon.