Buxton Progress Association

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Donating at a CDS Refund Point

The Container Deposit Scheme has Refund Points all over Victoria for depositing containers and receiving payments. Buxton 3711 Community is known in all the Zones so you can donate from any of them.

Victoria is divided into three Zones.
A typical Refund Point.
Barcode for donations

Set up your smartphone

  1. You need to download and install an app to your smartphone to manage your deposits at a Refund Point. Each of the three Zones has its own app; they are similar but not the same. The CDS Vic apps can be downloaded from the usual places:
    • Google Play for android phones; or
    • Apple Store for iPhones.
  2. Create your individual account(s) in the apps(s) you installed.
  3. Some of the apps (e.g. CDS Vic North) allow you to set a default payment target. Search for Buxton 3711 Community and set it as your current payment method.

Please let us know of any helpful tips.

Deposit at any CDS Refund Point

  1. DO NOT CRUSH YOUR CONTAINERS. The reverse vending machine needs to be able to find and read the barcodes on each container.
  2. Walk up to the Console at the CDS Refund Point. Identify the Zone of this CDS Refund Point – you will need to use this Zone's app.
  3. Deposit your containers. The refund payable is displayed on the Console.
    (Tip: limit your depositing to $50 per refund to avoid needing to identify yourself.)
  4. Using this Refund Point's Zone's app, display the barcode for Buxton 3711 Community. You might have it set already as your default payment, or you might need to search the Donation Partners.
    (Tip: CHECK that you have selected the correct payment target – some Zone apps silently default to their own preferred partner!)
  5. Tap/swipe the Buxton 3711 Community barcode displayed by the app at the Refund Point's barcode reader. DO NOT PRESS 'Donate' BUTTON.

Please let us know of any helpful tips.